Your Student & Housing at Texas A&M University – Are You Ready?

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November 23, 2010
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Your Student & Housing at Texas A&M University – Are You Ready?

TAMU BoundCollege acceptance letters have started going out for next year even if it is only Thanksgiving.  Have you thought about where your Texas A&M Student is going to live?

We are finding more and more parents are wanting to invest in College Station Real Estate whether it is a single family home, duplex, condominium or townhome. More parents are wanting to purchase a property to enjoy our lower purchase prices, the anticipated appreciation in home values and the current tax benefits of ownership rather than pouring their student housing money into a rental.  Student housing at Texas A&M is a worry and concern for parents sending their kids here but we are here to help!

Some concerns we often hear from parents about where their student is going to live include:

  • safety
  • expense
  • roommates
  • noise
  • dorm life
  • very little control over surroundings

When you invest in your own house, duplex, condominium or duplex YOU get to choose.

You can…

  • choose the area
  • choose how much you spend
  • choose the roommates

But, the noise is up to the students of course! Investing in real estate in Bryan College Station is a natural step for life as an Aggie.

We recently had parents call about their daughter coming to Texas A&M. They were concerned about their daughter living away from home in a new city. They were also smart to consider that while they were investing in their daughter’s future and education they might want to consider investing in real estate. They had hopes that their other children and family would also be attending TAMU so buying rather than renting for years to come was on the “to do” list.

Together we found a beautiful home for their daughter.  With a backyard and deck she could enjoy a little sunshine and maybe even a dog. How much more did the house cost than renting? The cost difference was really remarkable –

Their daughter had been paying $450 a month for a one bedroom plus her share of the utilities.  We found a 3 bedroom 2 bath home for $140,000 in a nice neighborhood. Renting out the other 2 bedrooms to friends actually covered the monthly principle and interest payments plus a little for taxes and insurance.   So, the roommates ended up making most of the monthly house payment and the parents had a home as investment for the future.

Is there ever a time when renting is a better option? Probably but not in their case.

So, what is your situation? Do you have a student wanting to go to Texas A&M? Do you want to invest in real estate for YOURSELF rather than for a landlord?  We are here to help. Don’t have your child go to Texas A&M for 4, 5 or 6 years and then wish you had invested back when they were Freshmen. Take the opportunity of LOW interest rates and a buyer’s market and let’s find the RIGHT home for you and your student NOW!

Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Susan Hilton

Century 21 Beal, Inc.


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