Why Granite for Countertops?

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February 19, 2010
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Why Granite for Countertops?

graniteGranite is often used for counter tops because it is so dense and because it’s so abundant on the earth’s surface– making it affordable for most people. Granite is very dense, one of the hardest rocks, just short of gems and diamonds. It can’t be easily damaged by a knife or anything laying around the house. The only thing around the house that could do noticeable damage to granite is a piece of glass, and that would have to be a tragic accident indeed. Other than that, you’d have to bang the counter tops against one another, and that’s hardly than accident. Generally, you’re very safe from damaging it.

It’s mostly made of quartz and feldspars; that’s trivia knowledge but it’s important because those rocks make up over half of the earth’s surface. Because granite isn’t rare or expensive and it’s very durable, it’s an ideal material for a counter top.

It’s considered to be inexpensive. Still, it’s made under the earth’s surface, and considering a lot of granite comes from outside of the United States, it’s reasonable there is a moderate service cost inherent in the cost of granite– regardless, it’s still considered inexpensive. A person getting new granite counter tops 3 cm thick to cover 70 sq. feet of counter top space would have to shoulder a cost of about $3,000-$3,500. It may seem somewhat costly, but that’s would be enough for a sizable kitchen; a 10 sq. foot bath room counter would only cost about 500 for new quartz or even way less if you can salvage pieces of bigger stones from the manufacturer.

Because of the way they’re made granite counter tops are very clean and easy to maintain. Much of what makes granite is the rock quartz, which is type of crystal– making it dense and impermeable. Liquids don’t seep into granite; the only way to stain it is with some liquid that doesn’t easily evaporate. You can buy a granite counter top with a resin coating to even further protect it from staining. If that’s not enough it’s very easy to seal the surface of the counter top making it completely impermeable. Granite counter tops tend to have tiny surface features that some people complain may harbor bacteria, but it’s an unreasonable fear. There’s just as much bacteria you’d find on the surface of a laminate counter top. If you are concerned about germs you’d be better off getting washing your hands and getting rid of old sponges. Antibacterial soap and a cloth is more than enough to make granite perfectly clean.

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