Why Aggieland??? -Why savvy Real Estate investors are looking at College Station.

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August 1, 2008
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August 2, 2008

Why Aggieland??? -Why savvy Real Estate investors are looking at College Station.

Ahhh College Station!!! For me, It’s home sweet home, but for many investors it Real Estate is becoming Dollar Signs sweet Dollar Signs!

College Station host a cocktail of factors attributing it to being one of the best Real Estate markets in the nation. (dare I say… With the weakening of the dollar, one of the best in the World)

What have we got got going on down here in College Station???:

-Texas A&M University-7th Largest University in US by enrollment- Whoop!!!! Wikipedia The University host not just students but staff. Both being fairly migrate demographic with strong buyer profiles. Parents buy for students, Students buy for students, faculty buys for themselves, faculty buys to rent to students, investors come to and buy to rent to students, Parents buy to rent to students, formers Aggies buy to rent to students, former Aggies buy to retire here, etc. etc. etc… I’ve seen it all!

-Low cost of living! Texas in general has a fairly low cost of living making it attractive to investors who can’t buy as much with their dollar elsewhere

-Most Undervalued City in the Nation! Forbes 2005, 2006, 2007- This is one on my favorites. Simple capitalism….”Buy stuff for less than its worth, why not?”

-Strong Rental Market- Between Texas A&M and Blinn College Bryan/College station has a LOT of students 60,000+, despite buying being much more advantageous in most scenarios, this is a migrate demographic or renters. see: College Station Duplex

What else does College Station Real Estate have going for it??? Lets see some comments! Best Comment Wins a Jeffrey Leatherwood Refrigerator Magnet!!! 🙂

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