What to Look for in a College Station or Bryan Home

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October 19, 2012
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October 31, 2012

What to Look for in a College Station or Bryan Home

Some decisions are easy ones. Do I support Texas A&M or TU? Do I live in Bryan College Station or Lubbock? Do I want chocolate ice cream or double chocolate ice cream? Others are not quite as straightforward. Which house is best for your family? Choosing a home to buy might require seeing several options and considering a list of criteria. Below are factors that should be considered when considering purchasing a home.

Where is the house located? It is often said that this is the most valuable thing to consider when buying a home. Almost any other part of the home can be changed or remodeled to fit your preferences, but you cannot pick up and move away from your neighbors. When looking around town at your options, consider the proximity of your home to your work, the feel of the neighborhood that the house is a part of, noise from traffic, pets or neighbors and how close the home is to parks, shopping strips, schools and public transportation.

Consider the features of the house as well. If you are looking at a home in the hills, does this house have the view you want? Are there multiple flights of stairs you will have to climb daily? Does the house offer you the privacy from neighbors? Does the yard feel safe and would you be comfortable letting your children play in it outside and using it for whatever you will need – gardening, sitting, pets, or other uses? Is the elevation of the driveway safe? Are the stairs too steep? These are all things that need to be considered.

Not only do you want to feel like you have privacy from your neighbors, but you will want to check out the area and make sure the neighborhood meets your standards. There is a saying that you should own the smallest house in the best neighborhood you can afford. This allows maximum safety and gives you a magnificent view when you are driving around the neighborhood! Do neighboring yards seem clean and well kept or is there trash around? Do people you see walking and playing in yards look safe or do they make you nervous?

You should feel comfortable with neighboring yard’s appearances. You should also feel as though your home and yard reflects your personality and lifestyle. If you are more of a laid back person, you may not want to look into buying a formal Victorian home. Look at the exterior features of the home. Brick homes are easier to maintain. Is the roof in excellent condition? Does the yard look attractive and safe?

Does this home fit your practical needs? You may feel like you want the biggest home possible, but, do you actually have a need for a four bedroom, four bathroom house if you only live with your spouse? Remember that though a large home offers space for craft rooms or libraries or home offices, it also means you will pay higher bills, taxes and more for furniture to cover the whole house. If you purchase a large house, how are you planning on cleaning it? Will you also hire maids to come weekly or will you take over the cleaning yourself?

Only look at homes that fit your predetermined criteria. If you have sat down with your spouse and decided that you only need a two bedroom two bathroom house, you do not want to fall in love with a three bedroom three bathroom house. On the other side of that, you do not want to fall in love with a cute little cottage with only one bedroom and never have room for company to stay over. If you plan on adding on to the house you are purchasing, ask an architect about space planning and the city regulations regarding the lot where the house sits.

The kitchen of a home is often a significant area. If you love being in the kitchen and cooking dinners on a regular basis, do not settle for a kitchen that is second best and does not quite meet your expectations. Remodeling kitchens is often costly and ends up affecting more than anticipated. If you choose a new sink, will it fit into the spot where the old sink was or will more counter need to be cut out to make room? When replacing countertops, will you also have to replace cabinets? If you do replace cabinets on one side of the kitchen, will the other side need to be replaced too?

If you are looking at older homes, check out the available storage space. Typically, older homes tend to have less storage space than newer homes. If you have a lot of sporting equipment or gardening tools to fit into your garage, is there a place where it would all fit?

How do the windows look in the house? If you are a person who loves to live with the blinds open, make sure that there are enough windows in the house to brighten up the rooms and make the space feel open and sunny. If you prefer privacy, make sure that there are not too many windows. Make sure areas like the kitchen and home offices are well lit with lighting that will not hurt your eyes after long hours of concentration. For areas in your home where lighting may concern you, additional lighting can be installed later but remember that you may have to go a period of time without it.

Little details of a home can add a finished feel to it. Crown molding, hardware on doors and faucets, and a fireplace can create a certain mood for the house. Older finishes give the home an older feel while the smallest modern details can create a modern style for the house.

Keep these things in mind when looking around for a home and house hunting will be less stressful and more successful!



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