What To Consider When Adding A Pool

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June 9, 2011
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What To Consider When Adding A Pool

Thinking of adding a pool now that summer is here? This could be a fun way to entertain your kids, family, friends or others this summer! Although pools can be extremely fun and entertaining through summer there are a few things to be cautious of.

Pools are expensive so it is important to create a budget and be aware of all the costs that go into building and maintaining a pool. Maintaining the pool is not cheap. There are monthly expenses to think about such as purchasing various chemicals, increase utility bills for water and electricity, and chlorine or pool salt depending on your pool system.

When building a pool it is important to not do it “on the cheap.” If you cut corners and use all the cheapest material when building your pool you will pay for it overtime. When you are building your pool it is important to use good materials and spend a little more money; be sure to add this into your budget when you first create it. Building a nice pool will also be beneficial if you try to sell your home later on. However, if you are planning to sale your home in the next five years, building a pool is something you should probably reconsider. When you build a nice pool that is built to last, you will get only SOME of the money back when you sell your home. When a home is for sale and has a nice pool, it is usually a big plus! If someone is looking at buying a home with a pool and it has many problems and/or requires a great deal of work most people will be turned away from this and choose to not buy the home at all.

If you have thought through all the issues of building a pool and have decided it seems like a purchase you are wanting to follow through with, it is important to be extremely careful when hiring people to work. When you choose a contractor make sure they are someone who is professional and will work hard. The contractor you choose will have a heavy influence on how pleasant or unpleasant your pool building experience is. When you start the process of choosing a contractor, ask around! Talk to your friends, family, local Realtors, and last but not least look into Better Business Bureau. This is important because it can give you some information about a contractor you may not hear by just asking around.

After you have picked a contractor and the construction process has started do not just step away and not involve yourself. It is important to monitor the process of your pool being built. Talk about everything with your contractor and write it all down! The contract regarding your pool should include details of what is included, not just the cost. The deadline should also be included in the contract. When the pool is in the process of being built make sure to take lots of pictures because if there is ever a situation where serious repairs are being done it is good to know where pipes and wires are. Hiring a home inspector or engineer to check the progress of the pool at each stage is also a good idea.

These are lots of details to follow when building a pool but overall it will help you to have a more enjoyable pool experience when it is finished! These are just some things to think about when building your pool!

Susan Hilton

Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

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