What the Psychic Failed to See

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April 1, 2008
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April 1, 2008

What the Psychic Failed to See

Nearly all of my clients are wonderful. Each comes with their own list of search criteria, personal preferences, quirks and likes & dislikes. And with every client that walks through my door, comes a story and an adventure. Currently two of my clients, I’ll call them Jack and Jill to protect the innocent, were lucky enough to have their adventure on the first day of their house hunting experience.

I sold the house Jack and Jill were living in fairly quickly, so when I met them on our first day of house hunting I knew we had to get started without delay as their current would close in less than thirty days, and I didn’t want them homeless. I also knew that they were moving because they were unhappy with their current neighborhood and they had decided to look at properties very carefully this time, because they felt their now sold home had brought them extremely bad luck.

What I didn’t know was that a close family member had told them that all of their problems were due to the fact that they had not consulted the family Psychic when they made their original purchase. Jack consulted the Psychic, who told them that their new home had to face East. As such, our mission began, compass in hand.

There are not too many houses in College Station that face the precise direction of east that we needed…and even less appeared in our price range…but we were determined to seek out all possible optioned approved by the psychic. Therefore, when the key of a home that matched our criteria, failed to open the door and allow us inside, I called the listing agent right away to see about how to enter the property. The Realtor we called said that the Seller’s had likely locked the deadbolt by mistake, but that if we wouldn’t mind entering in through the back of the house, we should be able to get in without a problem at all.

Jack, being the man that he was, trudged first through the tall grass and through the gate towards the back door and Jill and I followed. Remember how I mentioned that every Buyer has their own unique quirks? Well, it was on that day that I discovered Jack and Jill’s one true fear.

For as we had made it 1/2 way to the back door; all of a sudden I hear Jack scream, “Oh, My God!!! Run, Jill, Run!!!” And like a flash of light, Jack was running past me and back through the gate and Jill was stumbling after him. It took me only a moment to realize what was going on…and then a split second to make a decision. For running after Jack and Jill was a huge 80lb black, harry, tongue-lolling dog, which the Listing Agent had Failed to Mention was living in the back yard.

There was no way that we could all three make it out the gate before the dog caught up with us, and I knew better than to run from a strange dog. So while Jack and Jill ran for safety, I stopped dead in my tracks and said “Hey, boy!! Where is your Ball? Go get Your Ball!!” Luckily the dog was friendly, so while he ran to find a toy, I ran to the back door continuing with my mission to try to open it and get my clients inside the home. No, luck.

At the same time, Jack, who was certain that I had been eaten by the big black dog, was calling my office to try to get me some help. Dearest Jack was very upset, talking very quickly and has a rather thick accent, and it was my office manager’s very first day on the job.

He was talking very quickly saying “Raylene! Raylene!” And my office manager kept repeating, “I’m very sorry sir, but she is out with client’s showing property at the moment!”Before he called 9-1-1, I tossed the ball yet again for my new harry friend and made a break for the gate. Imagine my surprise when It failed to open.

You see, as concerned as Jack was for my well being, he was still so afraid of the dog, upon exiting the gate, he locked it and added cinder-blocks to the base so that neither the dog nor myself could get out. He was truely shocked to see me pushing on the gate and trying to exit. “Oh, Thank God, Raylene! Thank God You are Alive!!” “Let me out, Jack! I need you to move the Cinder-blocks so I can get out!!” “But, Raylene,” said Jack. “What about the Dog?”

So Much for Psychics.

Happy Home Buying!


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