What Kind of Discount Can a Buyer Expect to get on a Home in Pebble Creek of College Station?

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What Kind of Discount Can a Buyer Expect to get on a Home in Pebble Creek of College Station?


How much will the seller take?  Depends… How strong is your offer?

If you are interested in buying a home in the remarkable Pebble Creek subdivision of College Station, you are likely to be considering one of the largest factors in a real estate deal: the price.  If the listed price of your dream home is not quite in your range, there is always the possibility that the seller will take another offer. 


How much should I offer?  No idea until recent sales in Pebble Creek are considered.

Will the seller pay my closing? You can always ask.

Will the seller wait for me to sell my home? No idea, but we can ask for a contingency.

Will the seller leave the $7,500 ride on mower? You can forget about it.

When a buyer asks these questions, they assume I have the answers.  Of course, it is hard to know how low the seller will go.  Even a listing agent who has been advised by the seller that he (the seller) will not take a penny less than $xxx,xxx does not know.  The only way we can reach an agreement is by presenting the seller with a full written offer complete with:

  • Amount of the offer
  • Type of financing
  • Financing status
  • Terms for settlement
  • Contingencies

Study the property first. As the buyer’s agent, I recommend studying the property and the neighborhood.  One of the first important steps is to examine the recent sales in Pebble Creek subdivision to ensure that the asking price is reasonable.  (In this article, I have researched all Pebble Creek subdivision home sales since April 1, 2010.) 

Additionally, I never assume that the seller’s price is set in stone.  Negotiation is a key aspect of the real estate deal, and one which I take very seriously.  Until an agent has read the offer through, they do not know whether the seller will bite.  They should not be making decisions for the seller.

Making low offers is not negotiating. Experienced buying agents study the recent sales, condition, how long the property has been on the market, price trends in the area, and the seller’s need to relocate.

As described below, the homes that sold in the Pebble Creek subdivision since 4/1/2010:

pebble creek

The sold prices reflected above do not include any incentives, buyer closing costs, or miscellaneous extras.  But as evidenced by the distinction between list price and sold price, the buyer can afford to name their price at a slight discount.  Other variables such as move in date, conveyances, etc. may also make a difference in how much the seller will take.

 If you are interested in purchasing a home in Pebble Creek, would like to discuss your negotiation price on a particular home, or if you have any general questions, please feel free to contact me at (979) 255-1839.

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