We survived the 80’s so we can survive anything!

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November 18, 2010
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November 20, 2010

We survived the 80’s so we can survive anything!

I know that alot of people are nervous about the future of the economy and the housing market, but my attitude about the future of the economy and the housing market changed when I had a simple task of helping my daughter put together an outfit for her fall sing along! 

When my daughter told me that her fall sing along had the theme of 80’s, I told her to google some pictures of 80’s attire, and when she did, it all came rushing back to me!  Do you remember parachute pants, everything lace, converse, neon, bangle bracelets, mesh shirts, leggings, leg warmers….I’m sure you do!  Guess what I figured out in researching clothing trends… the 80’s are back!  My daughter already owns and wears half of the things that I wore with pride back in the 80’s, so coming up with an outfit was pretty easy! 

 As we scanned the many pictures of those “Glory Days” when we were all “Born in the USA” I realized that it really doesn’t take that long  for everything to come full circle!  “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, but so many of the things that were popular then are now back with a vengence!  Times were tough then in the housing market, stock market, and in the fashion world(though we didn’t know the fashion or the hair was bad).  The good news is the 80’s and all that came with it ended and the USA began to thrive again!  I strongly believe that 2011 will be the year we all move forward and look back what we have been through and realize that it shaped us and made us stronger  just like the 80’s did! 

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