Want to Chill with Yogurt in Aggieland?

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May 15, 2012
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May 16, 2012

Want to Chill with Yogurt in Aggieland?

Cooling down on warmer days is a necessity when you live in College Station, Texas. The highs in the summer exceed 100°F and even just driving in your car can cause you to sweat profusely. Thankfully, we have learned different coping mechanisms to help dial down the severity of the heat. Personally, I carry prefer ice packs and cool rags when I’m really desperate, but I’ve also become partial to large glasses of sweet iced tea. Spending the hottest hours of the day in the air conditioning or at the local pool are other popular options. Still, others have discovered the many frozen yogurt businesses that have popped up around town.

When Spoons Yogurt came to College Station, I heard the rumors. I still remember the frenzy it caused. Every night, the line to get frozen yogurt from Spoons went well out of the door. Students wore t-shirts with Spoons logo plastered across the front, and conversations often centered around how many frequent spooner rewards kids had racked up. After buying a certain amount of frozen yogurt, you won a free shirt or one of several prize options.

Over the next few years, I remember watching several frozen yogurt places pop up around town. Now, Aggieland would not be complete without its array of frozen yogurt shops. Spoons has three locations total now, and six other companies have also appeared recently around the town including Red Mango, Yogurtland, Froyoyo, Tutti Frutti, Happy Yogurt, and Project: Yogurt.

This craze began six years ago in South Korea, eventually crossing the Pacific over into California. The first froyo chain, Pinkberry, opened in the US opened in West Hollywood in 2005. The store was opened in a location with bad parking conditions, the owner never anticipated how successful her business would be. People flocked to Pinkberry, parking illegally on the blocks surrounding the store, desperate for their froyo. The city was reported to have been taking in close to $15,000 each month from parking tickets from Pinkberry customers alone.

Customers love the concept of self-served, pay-by-weight dessert. It gives the customer more freedom than he or she has ever before had. Upon walking in, you can select what size bowl you want, then what flavors of frozen yogurt you prefer. Each froyo machine contains three flavors, two individual flavors and one that is a combination of the other two. Individuals are also allowed as many sample cups as they want to sample as many or as few flavors as they prefer. Customers can fill their bowl with however many flavors, and however much they would like of each flavor. After selecting the froyo, customers make their way to the toppings bar. A plentiful selection of chopped fruits and berries are offered to sprinkle onto your frozen yogurt. Cereals, granola, and nuts abound in another topping section, and finally candy bar bits and pieces are also available. After topping your froyo, you can cover your creation in any variety of sauces or whipped cream.

One of the strongest attractions to frozen yogurt is the fact that if you exclude the toppings, the frozen yogurt itself is about half the calories of ice cream, high in calcium, non fat, and contains millions of probiotics including lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. These live and active cultures offer your body many health benefits and boost your immune system, increase joint health, and help with flexibility. Not only does froyo appeal to the individual with a sweet tooth, but also to the health conscious individual looking for a healthy option for dessert.

Spoons Yogurt
Spoons Yogurt was started by a group of students in a Mays Business Fellows program on campus working on a project for a business model. The students then pitched their idea to a former Aggie who was anxious to open a business in the area. Spoons quickly became one of the most successful new businesses in College Station.
Popular Flavors: Chocolate Malt Milkshake, Snickerdoodle, and Root Beer Float
Price Per Ounce: $0.39

1509 South Texas Avenue
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 446-0085
2305 Boonville Road Bryan, TX 77808
(979) 776-5670
943 William D. Fitch Parkway
College Station, TX 77845
(512) -535-4883

Website: spoonsyogurt.com

Project: Yogurt
This business donates 10 percent of sales to charities in town. Partnering with five local non-profit organizations in the area, Project: Yogurt also provides a drop box for customers to donate change or bills to the charities. Project: Yogurt was able to donate $1,300 to charities in the first quarter the store was opened.
Popular Flavors: Dreamy Chocolate, Birthday Cake, and So Espresso
Price Per Ounce: $0.39
725 East Villa Maria
Bryan, TX 77802
(979) 823-1783
Website: projectyogurt.com

Red Mango
This business is part of a Korean-based chain headquartered in Dallas and an international franchise. Like Pinkberry, it originated on the West Coast and began the froyo trend. Red Mango also offers fruit smoothies and parfaits.
Popular Flavors: Pomegranate, Madagascar Vanilla, and Raspberry Cheesecake
Price Per Ounce: $0.39
614 Holleman Drive East
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 696-1840
Website: redmangousa.com

Froyoyo not only sells your typical frozen yogurt, they also offer a special type of froyo called “Only 8.” This signifies that certain froyos they serve is made up of the following eight things: water, fructose, grade A Kosher whey, whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, natural flavoring and stabilizers, calcium, and active yogurt cultures.
Popular Flavors: Yellow Cake Batter, “Only 8” Vanilla, and Peanut Butter
Price Per Ounce: $0.39
913 Harvey Road
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 703-4465
Website: froyoyo.com

This business is one of over 130 locations nationwide. They offer unusual toppings that keep customers on their toes, such as Asian red beans and lychee fruits. Yogurtland creates their own proprietary frozen yogurt, allowing them to offer the lowest prices for froyo in town ($0.30 per ounce).
Fruit-infused water is free to all guests as well.
Popular Flavors: Double Cookies and Cream, Key Lime Bar, and Fresh Strawberry
Price Per Ounce: $0.30
1800 South Texas Avenue
College Station, TX 77840
(979) 693-1500
Website: yogurt-land.com

So when you are driving around College Station and are ready for a cup of frozen yogurt… Call me! I might meet you there.

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