Update on the Pond: What Killed the Fish in In South College Station

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August 19, 2008
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August 19, 2008

Update on the Pond: What Killed the Fish in In South College Station

I walked out behind my home in College Station this Sunday to find over 100 Buzzards behind my back yard with over 120 dead fish floating in the pond behind my house or scattered along the bank. See Blog All of the Fish in the pond Appear to Have Died Overnight! What the? And a big thank you to the Home Owner’s Association for cleaning up the mess so quickly!

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has concluded that the fish in the pond all died due to lack of oxygen.  This is also sometimes referred to as the pond “turning over.” My understanding is that this occured because: we had a long period with no rain, then lots of rain at once, with not a lot of natural vegetation in the pond, and a fountain that had recently broken.  Apparently, once the amount of oxygen decreases to a certain level in a tank, it will kill the fish overnight. Now we have tons of algae in the tank and the whole thing looks nasty and green.

This brings me to my latest problem. I hand raised approximately 14 ducks and 2 geese last spring for the the Home Owner’s Association and then released them into the lake. At this point, the lake is clearly less than desirable and the ducks have moved into my back yard.

My two and four year old think it is Easter with the eggs in my back yard! The Tree Walker coon hound  See Meet Snoofy: A College Station Animal Rescue in Need of a Loving Home is definitely NOT a hunter and is no help at all! 

And it has become such an issue in the last 2 days to get water, they are even brave enough to reside on the back porch and drink out of the dog bowl! They don’t go to the South Lake, which is beautiful and in working order because another flock lives there. I am worried they are going to distroy my back porch and kill the grass. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! ;D


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