University Title Company — In Selling a Home, the Seller Chooses the Title Company

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University Title Company — In Selling a Home, the Seller Chooses the Title Company

[youtube][/youtube] University Title Company is Brazos County’s largest title insurance provider, and has been helping the people of the Brazos Valley since 1973. It is the job of the title company to research the title, handle the money, and file all the papers necessary at the courthouse.  This means that when the job is given to UTC, they make certain that the property has clear title, all financial aspects with the current lender are handled, and all invoices be it for repair, inspections, or home cleaning/maintenance are taken care of.  The title company is also a great source for obtaining deed restrictions, homestead exemption forms, TREC forms, home warranty order forms, and for finding existing surveys on a property.

There are basically 7 steps to the Closing Process once a property goes under contract and is submitted to the title company.

1) The Contract and Earnest Money is given to University Title Company and UTC deposits the Earnest Money Check

2) UTC issues a Title Commitment – This shows the history of the property and what items need to be taken care of to clear title.

3) All Pre-Closing Items are Provided to University Title Company — This includes inspections, surveys, invoices, payoff information etc.

4) The Title Company Provides a Settlement Statement to all Parties — This can be thought of as a document like a big receipt that shows where all the money in the transaction is going and what each billed item is.

5) The Closing – All parties meet and sign the documents necessary to change the loan and to obtain / release ownership.

6) The Funding – The money is received by the lender or new owner and is actively distributed accordingly.

7) The Title Policy – Within 90 days of funding, the title policies are issued and mailed to the appropriate parties with all recorded documents.

The company has six insurance underwriters, professional title insurance experts, readily available escrow officers (to help address any concerns before closing) and a large title production and closing services staff.  The motto at UTC is “to make each and every transaction as smooth and swift as possible, always expertly tending to the details.”  They can close any transaction for real estate in Texas, and if you will not be able to stay in town for the closing, they can email, fax or FedEx the necessary closing documents to you. 

Their website offers tips for both seller and buyers and, when a contract is submitted for processing, UTC provides an online closing tracking program that allows all parties involved in the transaction see what stage the file is in. It also provides access to documents and emails and lets all parties know when the information is updated.  Their goal is to insure that there are no surprises at closing. Once at the closing table, at UTC you can expect to be provided with a drink and fresh baked cookies.  They also have a patio for pets and DVD’s for children to watch while their parents are signing all the necessary documents.

The company is an active leader in the community and regularly contributes time and support to local charities. They have earned many awards both for the service they provide and for being a great place to work.  If you are going to be needing the services of a Title Company, UTC is definitely a place to consider!

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