Twitter: Don’t Get It? Come Follow Me!

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August 5, 2008
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Twitter: Don’t Get It? Come Follow Me!

Twitter.comTwitter is a fun website that simply asks one question: “What Are You Doing?” As a Realtor in College Station, I enjoy using the Internet to network with other business professionals and stay in contact with friends and clients.

This is the simplest way to describe what twitter is all about. It is similar to sending an IM to someone, but you are sending the message to a group of people, your “followers.” So what is the point?

Basically, it is to stay in touch, network, bounce ideas off of and get new ideas from each other. You can twitter as often or as sporadic as you like. You aren’t bothering anyone that doesn’t want to see your messages and comments because the group involved with you has chosen to receive your information.

It takes about 30 seconds of your time to “twitter” and the messages are presented in an easy format to just glance at. This new Internet type of staying in contact is much less time consuming than blogging or email. Another way to describe twitter is: a message board without a subject. When you twitter you are simply stating what is on you mind or what is going on around you.

The best way to understand twitter is just to get started “twittering.” The website is If you’d like to get started, but just don’t know where to begin, come follow me! Register at twitter and link to others by inviting them via email. If you would like to follow me, you can search for “Raylene Lewis” or go to

Happy Buying & Selling & I’ll see ya on Twitter!


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