Trends with Space in College Station

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May 28, 2010
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June 1, 2010

Trends with Space in College Station

One common question I am presented with is, what are some current home trends I can use in my College Station home?  Whether it is a result of having lots of extra space, limited available space, (square footage is going down –  KB Homes for example offers a 900 sq. ft. home.) or simply wanting to get creative, here are a few ideas.

For those with extra space in your homes, consider your needs. The Catering kitchen is a second kitchen on the property where the “messy, real work” is accomplished.  That leaves the elegant entertaining kitchen which never gets messy and is great for hosting guests.  The Management room is a new concept where families can keep track of schedules, school papers, and assignments while mom and dad are able to organize library books, hobbies, and have more storage.  Often a utility room can be expanded to serve this purpose. Reading_Nook

For those who want to make use of their limited available space, consider the Pocket library.  Pocket libraries utilize space in hallways, nooks that otherwise might see a potted plant.  Trendy homeowners are simply utilizing a cozy place to curl up with a book in just a comfy chair and lamp.  (The landing area on a stairway is often a perfect location.)  Additionally, the garage can be segemented into rooms such as a hobby area, sporting area, etc.  This can be accomplished by separating the rooms for privacy.

Any of these specialty rooms would make an excellent addition to your College Station home.  Be the trendsetter in Pebble Creek, Indian Lakes, or your neighborhood.

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