Tree Protection in College Station
March 5, 2009
College Station Tree Preservation Ordinance – What Do YOU Think?
March 7, 2009

Tree Protection in College Station

TreeThe Planning and Development Services of the City of College Station is currently in the process of creating a new tree preservation ordinance.

The intent of this proposed regulation is to preserve trees during the development of the growing city and provide supplementary environmental principles that will further protect the biological and “green” values of the city of College Station.

Per this ordinance, a tree removal permit is required prior to any land or, tree disturbing activity. Certain restrictions and exemptions apply. There are certain prohibited activities and regulations on the size and types of trees being protected. When the preserved trees are removed, a tree replacement is required.

Isn’t it great that College Station is going green???

For more information, visit the Planning & Development Services website at

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