To Vote or Not To Vote – That is the Question!

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To Vote or Not To Vote – That is the Question!

Should you really take the time and vote?

NO – Not if you don’t know anything about the person, the policies, the beliefs, the reputation, the plans, the platform… you should NOT vote!  An uninformed voter is worse than not someone not voting since they are voting at the whim of someone else. If you cannot make an informed decision don’t let someone else decide for you. Stay home!

Should someone vote if the race is already decided for their state?

If you know enough to make an informed decision yet your state is already “decided”, should you vote? Someone told me last week that they weren’t going to vote in this year’s election because their vote really won’t count. Does it really matter?

Texans will vote (or have already voted in early voting) by majority for John McCain. Since it is given that McCain will win, should we take the time to vote? We all know that registering to vote is what causes us to be on the list for jury duty – or at least we believe that. We know that voting will require a significant amount of time standing in line, proving our identity and completing the voting process. This doesn’t take into consideration the travel time, parking situation or the people you will have to stop and talk with at the polls. I always run into people there no matter when I go!

So – is it worth it? Does it really matter?

YES!!!  But remember only informed voters are needed. Whoever wins will hopefully not only win the electoral college but will also win the popular vote. We want this county united behind our President – whoever he is. We want to move past this 2 year election advertising spectacle and stabilize the economy so we can get back to our lives and our work and our car commercials.  We are all tired of the political commercials and signs littering yards and corners.  We are tired of the “process” that has taken significantly longer than any of us wated.

So – if you are an informed voter and you haven’t voted yet – VOTE NOW!!!  Our country needs you.

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