The Value of Bryan/College Station Schools

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February 25, 2010
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February 25, 2010

The Value of Bryan/College Station Schools

schoolinformationEvery Bryan College Station, Tx parent wants their child to be successful– to have a happy child hood, and grow up and be able to support their own family. No words can articulate the emotions a beaming parent feels when their child achieves every goal they set for themselves, and become a successful adult with children of their own. This is never easy; parenting is one of the most difficult things anyone can do, and trying to raise a child into a successful adult requires so much effort and affection.

One of the most important things to consider when raising a child is education. Education is paramount; almost no one makes much of themselves without a quality education. Naturally, when moving to a new area, parents have to factor in what sort of school their kids would be attending. Luckily, Bryan/College Station has a phenomenal educational record. Not only are there an incredibly large amount of schools, public and private, for a relatively small city, the schools themselves have been enjoying a considerable amount of success.

In 2006, Money magazine named College Station the most educated city in Texas. In truth, much of that is due to the fact that Texas A&M takes up a significant portion of the city, and that so many educated people come here from other cities, states, and countries seeking higher education. However, it’s still relevant to parents interested in putting their children in the best primary and secondary schools because of the influence of the university.

Texas A&M has one of the most accredited education programs nationwide, and they are often working with local schools– giving the schools access to some of the most ambitious, well trained teachers in the nation. Beyond that, many A&M students live permanently in College Station and find careers in local public and private schools. All things considered, the Bryan/College Station area has access to an incredible level of education.

Even beyond of the influence from Texas A&M, Bryan/College Station schools are tremendously successful on their own. In fact, in the last 12 months, College Station ISD has had 7 national merit scholars, 16 national scholar semi-finalists, 3 national champions in software engineering, 17 French symposium winners, and a whole host of other commendations.

This district has shown time and again that they are doing something right, and their students are learning and becoming successful. In truth, the reason so many Texas A&M students are from the Bryan/College Station area is because of the success of these school districts.

The TAKS scores from these schools are very good, and according the the district website, a quarter of its students are in advanced placement (AP) classes. What’s even more remarkable is that from those advanced classes, 87% of students score above criterion on the AP exams. AP exams are incredibly difficult tests that are given out to determine how much a student has learned from the course. Nothing happens if a student does poorly, but if they score well enough (as 87% have), they get college credit. Basically, this means that after graduating, almost a quarter of students from CSISD have already earned enough college credit to graduate a semester, or two, early from college.

Considering how important it is for a child to get the best education available, Bryan/College Station would be an excellent choice of residence; its schools have proven themselves responsible and professional enough to be excellent educators. The whole area is saturated with fantastic schools and libraries, making it a very healthy educational environment that could help your child realize all the potential they have and make you the proud parent you set out to be.


Susan Hilton – Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal

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