The Quality of the CSISD (College Station Independent School District) School Board

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The Quality of the CSISD (College Station Independent School District) School Board

College Station Independent School District CSISD    Often times it’s difficult to tell whether or not a school, or a school district is “good” or “bad.” Everyone hopes that their child will realize her/his full intellect, but in some schools, a number of students fade into the background and don’t learn as much as they could.

    When moving to a new area, there are a huge amount of things to consider besides which school district is the best for your child, so it’s easy to overlook which school is right. However, it’s not a very good idea to leave it to fate, as some schools sadly do not perform as well as others; on the other hand, it can be difficult to determine which is which.

    There are a number of ways to decide; for instance you could look at standardized test scores. It may seem arbitrary, but a student may not graduate without passing the TAKS tests. Fortunately, College Station schools have performed very well. According to the district website about 90% of all students from all schools passed, making them eligible to graduate. Some may think it’s not quite 100%, but rest assured, relative to other districts, 90% is very good.

    Statistics can be a valuable, but they don’t tell you everything. Sometimes schools teach test-taking techniques, rather than actually teaching content. A district’s curriculum is really important; with the curriculum, the district dictates what each teacher ought to be teaching their students over what amount of time– giving the district leadership a heap of responsibility. The state only loosely determines what knowledge and skills students need to graduate with.

    Luckily for CSISD, its district leadership has been recognized by the state as distinguished. Last January, the College Station ISD trustees were awarded the Good Governance award by the Texas Association of School Boards. Essentially, the award is given to districts with effective leadership and a record of achievement, and only 10 districts in the the entire state of Texas were given the Good Governance award. The process for achieving this recognition is arduous, it can take over a year of auditing and assessment. Most importantly the award reveals that the people in charge of determining the school’s curriculum are responsible.

    If you’re in the process of moving, or considering to move, it’s a really good idea to do your own research. It’s important that children receive a healthy education, for a countless number of reasons, and the quality of a school is vital for gauging the quality of the education. But keep in mind that a school is given marching orders from district leaders, and that curriculum set has a direct impact on what teachers are telling your children.

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