The “little post-it car” in The Oaks

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September 7, 2011
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September 22, 2011

The “little post-it car” in The Oaks


The other morning as we were driving through the Oaks Subdivision in Bryan, Tx  and we noticed an unusually decorated vehicle in the Oak Ridge Condominium parking lot. Immediately several questions came to mind. What would motivate someone to be so creative? Was this a subtle reminder, a devilish prank or an elaborate, anonymous flirtation? Whatever the reason, it got our attention and we had to appreciate the time and effort it took to get this done!

The “little post-it car” has a lesson to be learned. . . !  What if we all put forth this much effort in our everyday lives? What if in working toward our goals we became more creative in overcoming hurdles that may pop up? What if we didn’t get discouraged and “stuck to it” until the job was done? What would be possible? Creativity combined with effort are a great problem solving team. I know that from now on when we hit a “bump in the road” we will think of the “little post-it car” in Bryan Texas.


David and Debbie Whitener




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