The Importance of Good Pictures When Marketing Your College Station Home

August 31, 2010
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September 12, 2010

The Importance of Good Pictures When Marketing Your College Station Home

As a Realtor, I employ various marketing strategies when selling a listing.  I consider marketing to be the absolute essential way to get the word out about your home.  This can be anything from putting up a webpage dedicated to your home, establishing a virtual tour for it, to listing ads for it in the local home classifieds.  The main factor that all of these various marketing strategies have in common is the photo.  Without exceptional pictures of your home and property, none of these strategies will fully impress the potential buyer.

Through good pictures, you have the opportunity to entice and impress the potential buyer.  First impressions are critical, and many times, people will decide whether or not to bother viewing your home in person simply based on the pictures presented.  It is hard to blame them; when faced with one of the biggest purchases of your life, it is necessary to be discerning, selective, and (above all) pleased with the home under consideration.  This is why professional, clean, crisp photos that show off the best angles, the best lighting, etc. of your home are crucial.  Moreover, if your home looks truly exceptional through pictures, you are also creating a stimulus for a healthy competition among your buyers.  They will fully appreciate the beauty of your home, and recognize the fact that other buyers are experiencing the same thing. 

The reality of today’s real estate market is that it is clogged with homes being put up for sale.  Again and again I mention, it is a buyer’s market.  With so many properties on the market, and the buyer in control, the absolute best way to set yourself apart from the pack (and ensure a good deal) is with top of the line marketing of your home.  Say that more showings equals the greater possibility of a serious buyer.  If your home is presented in its perfect light, it will not only garner more showings, but you can expect a better final price. 

So why not just take these great pictures yourself, you ask?  Truth be told, a professional photographer is your best bet.  For a relatively low (and generally one time) price, you will receive professional photographs from someone who has the eye, the photography, and the editing skills to capture your home at its very best.  Even those with real estate photography experience (my assistant and myself included) are no match for the professional.  Note the difference between the photographs taken by my assistant or me, and the photographs taken by a professional.  Below are two photos taken by us, one of the kitchen and one of the living room.

100_2153 100_2147












And now, the same kitchen and living room as shot by a professional:














The improvement is vast and remarkable.  The lighting is better, the staging of the room, the angles and positioning, and especially the camera and picture quality are all much improved.  See what a difference professional photography can do for your home! 

If you have any questions about how to stage or photograph your home for a better price and shorter stay on the market, please feel free to give me a call.  And for more expert real estate advice, remember to check back for updates!

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