The Growing Issue of Metal Theft in Bryan College Station

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May 4, 2011
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May 11, 2011

The Growing Issue of Metal Theft in Bryan College Station

Thefts of aluminum, bronze and copper is a growing issue at places such as empty homes, abandoned commercial buildings and the most threatening/dangerous of all is power substations located near neighborhoods. It seems preposterous that the thieves are risking their lives for this. For example, last year metal thieves took close to $100 of wire from a substation at an electric co-op. The damages after a fire destroyed regulators, switches and a $600,000 transformer resulted in a $1 million repair bill. Although the issue was quickly fixed, there were over 3,500 consumers temporarily without electricity.

Damages done to this type of equipment has major effects on the systems. This is because if the protective copper wires are gone, the equipment can be ruined.

Although the cost of scrap copper fluctuates, right now the price is up which means so if the amount of metal thefts. In January, scrap copper was sold for 5 times the amount it was worth in 2001.

Copper is often used as a base/ground for equipment. Copper used in substations helps to step down high-voltage electricity arriving from different power plants. It may also be used on a utility pole or in a green box on the ground to lower the voltage so the power is not strong for your home.

Copper is extremely important for us and it is a part of our everyday life whether we are aware of it or not. Metal theft is a serious crime that can have an effect on everyone! So, if you see someone at a vacant house in Bryan College Station, that shouldn’t be there, call the police!

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