The Best Roofing Materials for College Station Homes

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The Best Roofing Materials for College Station Homes

The shape and pitch of your roof are important to the home’s aesthetic and structural qualities.  But just as essential is the material used to build it.  Roofing materials can lend to a home’s character, but they can also dictate how long the roof will last and how expensive it is to maintain.  I’ve listed below some pros and cons of some popular roofing materials, and how they fare in our central Texas climate.

Asphalt/composite shingles: Most widely used choice, can be installed by most contractors.  On the lower end, these can last 15-20 years.  The heavier and costlier shingles can survive 40 years. However, less expensive choices may devalue a luxury home. tile-roof

Clay tiles/concrete: Stylish and more unique than asphalt, usually found on Spanish or Mediterranean style homes.  These can have a moderating effect on hot temperatures so are great for warm weather climates such as ours in College Station.  Additionally, they are projected to last 50-100 years.  However, they’re more expensive, take longer to install, and require a seasoned contractor.

Metal: A unique, modern choice that weathers well and should last 50-100 years.  On the downside, metal can be noisy when it rains and is one of the more expensive choices.

Slate: One of the more expensive choices, and requires a time-consuming installation process.  Chosen for its beauty, texture, and aesthetically pleasing qualities, it is usually found on the best built high-end homes.  It can last 50 or more years.

Solar shingles: Dow Chemical will soon release PowerHouse Solar Shingles, which can be incorporated within standard asphalt shingles.  They cost less than solar panels and are easier to install.

These are all great options for your College Station home, depending on your needs and price range.  Feel free to consult with me on any area of construction, design, or for any of your other real estate needs!

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