The Art of the Deal in College Station Real Estate

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June 17, 2010
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The Art of the Deal in College Station Real Estate

Helping my clients to buy and sell homes in College Station is an art I have been perfecting for the past 15 years. It is a never-ending education, as I am constantly working on learning and doing more.  One important lesson I have learned during this time is what I like to call the art of the deal.  Sometimes a transaction is more than a one-dimensional business deal; in a one-dimensional deal, I would help my clients simply buy or sell a home. But sometimes real estate is about more than just one house.  Throw a few more variables into the mix, and the transaction requires more art, more ingenuity.  Let me illustrate with an example.

I recently had clients – the Jones family – who wanted to buy a home on Maple but needed to sell their own home on Rosewood first. Their purchase was contingent upon Rosewood selling so that they could afford Maple.  Meanwhile, my clients who owned the home on Maple (the Millers) wanted to buy a new home on Elm, but were not in any rush because they planned on traveling for a few months. Elm was owned by someone who wanted to build a new house, and who also happened to own investment properties.

Thus, the art of the deal comes into play. I looked into this situation with the motivation of making everyone (and primarily my clients) happy.  After assessing all parties’ desires and needs, the solution presented itself.  The Jones family would be able to buy their dream home on Maple provided someone purchased their Rosewood home.  The investor on Elm could add to his investment portfolio with another real estate property if he purchased the Rosewood home.  This would free up the Elm home for the Millers and then the owner could begin building as planned.  At this point, the situation was quite resolved, but I helped the Millers and the owner of Elm even further.  Since the Millers were not in dire need of a home for a few months, they arranged purchase of the Elm property, but allowed the former owner to rent it out for the months they would be traveling. Thus, they garnered a better purchase price on their contract for the home.

This is why disclosing all aspects of your transaction is extremely important. This allows your Realtor to know exactly what you need and what is motivating you. This fully enables your Realtor to work the deal with the contacts on the other end. I have encountered so many people who are afraid to disclose all aspects of their situation because they do not want it to affect their bargaining power. However, telling your Realtor all of the facts can ensure you get the best deal.

When looking at a house, always disclose your ultimate goal. Further, find out the motivation, plans, and goals of the seller.  As demonstrated in my example, it is possible to make a tricky situation work out for the best. If your agent is not this dedicated to helping you and making your situation work out for you, it’s time to find a new agent. Call me, I’ll make it work.

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