Texas A&M Makes National News by Egging Obama Poster

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October 30, 2008
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November 3, 2008

Texas A&M Makes National News by Egging Obama Poster

Yesterday on the Texas A&M campus, the Young Conservatives of Texas hosted an Anti-Obama Carnival in an attempt to publicly protest his policies. As part of the carnival, students could come “throw away their nest egg” by throwing real eggs at a large poster of Obama that was erected in the middle of campus. This resulted in an uproar from the Obama supporters on campus, who were disgusted by the display and claimed that people were “throwing eggs at Obama, not his policies.” The Young Conservatives of Texas removed the poster of Obama, but pledged to return the following day with a list of Obama’s policies to throw eggs at, claiming that they are simply exercising their first amendment rights. The carnival’s intent was to spark open and intelligent discussion about the candidate’s policies in the upcoming election, and although the carnival was conceived by some as offensive, it is refreshing to see college students with so much to say about politics. So whether you agree with the egging or not, recognize that this was a win for both sides; raising awareness and sparking interest in a group of young adults who are usually perceived as apathetic.

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