TEXAS AGGIE RING – Nothing is a More Prized Possession

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April 1, 2012
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April 3, 2012

TEXAS AGGIE RING – Nothing is a More Prized Possession

Ring Day, perhaps one of the most memorable days of an Aggies’s life, originated with the class of 1889. Anxious Aggies finally earn the chance to join the world of the ring baring Aggie. The rings worn by all Aggie graduates are exactly the same except for the class year. This acts as a link between all Aggies. Everything on the ring represents the values every ring bearer should hold. The shield represents the desire to protect the reputation of the university. The stripes reflect the state of the original 13 colonies of America. The five stars on the shield show the stages of Aggie development: mind, body, spiritual attainment, emotional poise, and integrity of character. An eagle, a powerful national symbol, appears on the ring to express the desire for the Aggie to reach great heights.

The large star seen on the side of the ring symbolizes the Seal of Texas, and the wreath of olive and laurel symbolize achievement and the desire for peace. Oak leaves symbolize the strength to fight for one’s state and country. The joining of the leaves at the bottom demonstrates the need for both achievement and peace to better serve.
The rifle, cannon, and saber on the other side of the ring show Texas Pride. It acts as a reminder of Texans who defended their land. The crossing of the Texas and United States flag represent pride and servitude to both nation and state.
Traditionally, the student will wear the class year facing them to signify the fact that their time at A&M has not yet been completed. Once graduated, the ring is turned to show the year facing the world. Long ago an Aggie Sweetheart Ring was also available.
Though this college ring presents itself to be complex, the overall message of the ring is clear. It embodies self-respect, discipline, loyalty, and honor. The strength in the unity of the rings is the fire that burns the notable A&M network. It is a tradition withstanding the test of time and will forever live in the hearts of Aggies past, present, and future.



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