Taking a Stand Against Foreclosures

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October 7, 2008
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October 10, 2008

Taking a Stand Against Foreclosures

The mortgage foreclosure epidemic has been taking thousand of families who can no longer afford to pay their mortgage and putting them out on the streets. But what about the families who are still making their monthly payments, do they deserve to be thrown out too? In apartment complexes all across the country, good tenants, who have never so much as missed a payment, are being evicted from their apartments because building owners have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Fair? Illinois sheriff Thomas J. Dart doesn’t think so, and is now refusing to evict good tenants from their homes, calling it “insane”. Get all the details here and decide for yourself whether these people deserve to be out on the streets.

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  1. Carol Masotta says:

    So….what can the citizens do to help? Can we support a local family by protesting the bank? Can we stage a sit in? There MUST be something that we can do to force the lending institutions to rewrite the existing mortgage, for these people, at an affordable 30 year fixed (lets say at 5.75).

    We are ALL looking to help these people….Help us to help them …………Thanks…..Carol