Story of Sharing and Compassion in Bryan College Station Repaid!

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August 13, 2010
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Story of Sharing and Compassion in Bryan College Station Repaid!

Yesterday my son was old enough to get his Driver’s Permit. What an exciting day! (for him)Mobile Photo Aug 18, 2010 3 53 58 PM

It only took about 2 hours of waiting to get to the counter to pay and have his picture made for his new license at the Bryan College Station Departement of Motor Vehicles (DMV or DPS). To his right a man was renewing his license.  The man was just a little bit ahead of us in the process. The clerk behind the counter took his information and his picture and said “that will be $11”. The man handed her a credit card and with a snide voice the clerk said “we only accept cash or check.”  The man responded that he did not have any cash on him but he would hurry to the bank and would be right back.

Well you can guess what the clerk said. “You’ll have to come back tomorrow and stand in line again. We will be closed before you get back.”

My son looked over at me and quietly asked if he could give the man $11. Of course, I said yes.

The man graciously accepted the money and asked where he could return it. I gave him my business address and really had no idea if we would ever see the money again.

Today the man from the DPS counter walked in with our $11 and said “Thank you so much. You offered money to a stranger. There are good people out there.”

It was my pleasure to call my son and let him know the stranger repaid the $11.  Funny – my son was not surprised at all.

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