Staging your College Station Home

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May 24, 2010
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Staging your College Station Home

When I am selling a Bryan/College Station home, I always offer tips to the seller concerning how to put their home in the best light for showings.  First impressions are lasting impressions.  And in soft market times, it is important to show your listing at its best advantage.

before-after-stagingGenerally the following are always on the list for seller reminders of what the buying public wants to see when previewing the  home.  First and foremost, the exterior should be repainted or power washed as it is the first impression.  (While you’re focusing on the exterior, remember to power wash the driveway, sidewalk, etc.)  Paint is equally important on the interior; rooms that are painted light, neutral colors show the best as they make a room appear airier, larger, and more inviting.

Some smaller, but very important tasks to complete before showing your home are:

  • Replace old door knobs with shining new ones (especially on the front door).
  • Make floors shine and windows shine even more.  This cleanliness shows care of ownership and gives the impression that appliances and equipment associated with the home have the same pride of ownership.
  • If your mailbox is looking old or worn, install a new one.
  • Decrease clutter. This includes toys, excess books, exercise equipment, etc.
  • Always remove bad odors, clean carpets, and neutralize.
  • Always let the light in by opening drapes and turning on lights in the house.

Additionally, I’ve listed below some common flaws in a home that I look out for:

  • Gutters that are in need of repair or filled with debris.
  • Poor shower and tub caulking where grout is missing or dirty. (Replace!)
  • Damaged bathroom tiles. (Fix and replace!)
  • Put fresh towels in the bathroom on towel bars that are stable.
  • Make sure pet litter boxes are out of sight and garbage cans are empty.

These are the main tips I offer to my Bryan/College Station clients when we are working together on selling their home. As always, continue to visit my blog daily for the best local, expert real estate advice!

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