Square Footage in College Station Homes

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May 21, 2010
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Square Footage in College Station Homes

When buying or selling your College Station home, one of the most important factors for you to take into account will likely be the square footage.  In either case of buying or selling, it is imperative to know what the price per square foot is to ensure that you are getting a fair deal.  However, though obtaining the square footage of a house may seem like a cut and dried issue, that is not always the case.  Depending on whether the measurement is performed by the architect or the Central Appraisal District of the Brazos Valley, one can end up with completely different figures. 

What is the reason for this?  Generally, the Brazos Central Appraisal District measures the exterior of the house, then subtracts the sq. ft. of the garage.  Architects will usually measure the interior of each room and combine the numbers.  At times, this can lead to a difference in estimation of up to 200 sq. ft.  When a home’s price per square foot is around $100, this results in a huge difference in price. measure-square-footage-1

If you are considering selling your College Station home and would like to be sure that you are listing the appropriate square footage, the best thing you can do is get an individual appraisal from one of the experts in Bryan or College Station.  The average fee for this is approximately $200, and the information you receive could be worth substantially more.  Should you find out from the appraisal that your home does indeed have more square footage than is listed, contact the Brazos Central Appraisal District immediately to provide the appraisal information. 

If you are purchasing a home in College Station, it is equally important to consider getting an appraisal from a local expert.  In the case of Pleasant vs. Bradford, 2008,  the Bradfords purchased a 1,824 sq. ft. for $119,500.  They believed this was an excellent deal as the price per sq. ft. came out to $65.52.  However, five days after closing, the Bradfords received a copy of the lender’s appraisal which showed the living area to be 1,571 sq. ft. (253 less than they were originally told).  This indicated that the price per sq. ft. was actually $76.07, not the great deal they thought it was.

The bottom line is, whether you are buying or selling a home in College Station, getting an individual appraisal is a smart step to take in the process.  You safeguard yourself by making sure that you are getting a truly fair deal.

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