Simple Guidelines to a Pet-Friendly House in Bryan College Station

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June 6, 2011
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Simple Guidelines to a Pet-Friendly House in Bryan College Station

dog and cat (1)Nowadays, a family pet is considered an essential part of the majority of households especially in Bryan College Station, Tx.   It is also one of the determining points when buyers are scouting for a brand new residence. In accordance with the American Pet Products Association’s 2009/2010 National Pet Owners Survey, 62 percent of U.S. households are pet owners. Forty-five percent of households have dogs as their pet, while thirty-eight percent of households own cats.

Here are the  helpful hints to ensure that you get a property that meets the needs of your pets.

Obtain the essential information

Know the essential information about your pet such as age, weight, breed, and, of course, its exercise regime.  Certain multifamily buildings or homeowners associations impose some restrictions on the number of pets allowed and size, so it is highly recommended to think about the entire pet family if you have plans of adding more pets.

Think about your pet when viewing properties

Make sure that the place is cozy; no matter if the house has an awesome kitchen and an abundance of upgrades,  if your dog won’t be comfortable, surely you the owner won’t be contented either. Afterwards, conduct your own research to find out whether or not the community or homeowners association has pet restrictions. Ask for a short pet resource list for your market area. Be sure to think about the nearby emergency clinics, veterinary clinics, walking paths, boarding facilities, pet supply shops, grooming facilities, and, of course, restaurants that cater to pets.

Take account of the property’s layout

Little extras, such as under-window benches to store pet toys, a laundry area with space to bathe your dog, and extra kitchen storage for your pet’s food, are often needed.

Check this website for more tips for a pet-friendly home in Bryan College Station.

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