Should You Hire a College Station Realtor? YOU BET!!!

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August 20, 2008
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August 21, 2008

Should You Hire a College Station Realtor? YOU BET!!!

College Station Realtor20 Reasons WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A REALTOR to assist you in selling your home in the Bryan and College Station.

Below are 20 GREAT reasons to hire a College Station Realtor!

  1. Buyers like to comparison shop. We have the home inventory to show you and the MLS to provide statistics for past sales.
  2. We know what the competition is. We know what is on the market and can help sellers position themselves correctly in the market.
  3. Negotiating for yourself is hard. We know how to negotiate a transaction that can close.
  4. Pre-qualification is a must so buyers aren’t committing to something they can’t afford and sellers aren’t getting their hopes up with a sale to a buyer that cannot follow through.
  5. With the contacts we have in the market we can help you find the best lender for the job to get you the best terms and conditions.
  6. Sometimes buyers are hesitant about submitting an offer not knowing if the seller will accept it. We will help buyers get started in the process.
  7. Don’t want to seem desperate? Let a Realtor communicate on your behalf.
  8. Staging is an important part of selling. Buyers need to be able to be able to see a property in the best possible light. Let an agent help direct you in the staging process.
  9. Most For Sale By Owners end up hiring a Realtor. The recent NAR survey said that only 11% of sellers nationally sell by themselves. Why go through all that if you are going to hire a Realtor anyway. Think of all the time and money you will save by hiring a professional to start with.
  10. Do you want the largest number of potential qualified buyers to see your home? Hire a Realtor!
  11. The National Association of Realtors says that Realtor assisted sales sold for 20% more than For Sale by Owner sales.
  12. The FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sign is an invitation to ANYONE to knock on your door and expect for you to let them come in anytime. Do you really want that for your family?
  13. Do you want to have to stay home and WAIT for someone to possibly stop by and view your home? Hire a Realtor and let them meet with the buyers to show the property.
  14. Can you do a Virtual Tour or Video Tour or Specialized Internet Marketing of your property where buyers will find it easily on the Internet?
  15. Do you know what forms are required? Do you know about the state required Seller Disclosure Notice? Do you know what you MUST disclose?
  16. Sometimes buyer and seller personalities conflict. Let an agent stand in between so the sale can go through.
  17. The Realtor will work from marketing to contract to closing including the promotion, coordinating the appraisal, buyer loan process, inspections, survey, pest control, home warranty, etc making the process even easier for you.
  18. EXPOSURE EXPOSURE EXPOSURE!  Exposure for your property to the highest number of people.
  19. We normally only get paid when we succeed.  How many other professions do you know like that? Wish my doctor only charged me if I got well during the agreed time period. How about you?
  20. You deserve the best!

    Susan Hilton

    Susan Hilton – Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal

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