RNC – DNC – ABC?????

The Vultures Are Back in Pebble Creek????
April 16, 2008
College Station NEW POLICE CHIEF!! Michael Ikner
April 17, 2008

RNC – DNC – ABC?????

cutoutpeople.jpgThis post sounds political with all the RNC, DNC, ABC… but it isn’t really.

Are you living in Bryan? Are you living in an RNC? Do you know? How could you know? Should you move?

Below is the definition from the City of Bryan’s website – What is a Residential Neighborhood Conservation R-NC zoning district? In April of 2006, Bryan’s City Council approved an ordinance creating a new zoning classification, the Residential – Neighborhood Conservation District (R-NC). The R-NC District is a residential zoning classification intended primarily for low-density residential …

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  1. Thanks a ton for bothering to line all this out for people. This kind of blog post was very helpful if you ask me.