Raylene Lewis is a Published Author!!!!

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November 4, 2008
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November 30, 2008

Raylene Lewis is a Published Author!!!!

Raylene Lewis is a top agent at Century 21 Beal in College Station Texas. A few months ago she was contacted about publishing her “interesting real estate experiences” in a book. Below are the 2 stories (TRUE STORIES) they chose.

Real estate is an interesting business. We deal with people at their bests and at their worsts! We see clean houses and houses no one should live in. We work with people who are understanding and those who are demanding. We find pets left in houses, appliances and sinks removed, wires cut, houses flooded, carpet removed, clients that lie but more often than not, we get to meet WONDERFUL people. Most of our clients are kind people who enjoy working with us to achieve their goals of either buying or selling real estate. Most of the time we not only have a real estate transaction together but we also build long term relationships and friendships.

Enjoy Raylene’s stories. They are only 2 of hundreds of experiences we have on a regular basis.

Smashing Success

A story like this will probably have some considering the need for a real estate driving course and designation. Raylene was having an open house for agents on her very first listing. New to the business, she was doing her best to make the right impression both with fellow agents and her sellers

She had provided a nice lunch for the agents and was collecting business cards to hold drawings. Apparently the pull of these caravan drawings was just too much for one busy agent who, although she didn’t’ have time to stay for lunch or tour the property, stopped by to drop off her business card.

The agent was in an obvious hurry. She quickly parked, grabbed a business card, and hurried into the house. Depositing her card with the many other agent cards, the woman quickly retraced her steps to her car.

A few moments later, however, she came back inside. Raylene asked her what she thought of the house.

“It’s great, but I think it needs a new garage door.”

“Really, why?”

“Because I just drove through it!”

 Experience #2

 If you ever have clients get in your car with children carrying buckets, you might want to bail – literally. Texas agent Raylene Lewis had no idea why three or the four small children in this large family would be carrying small, pink plastic buckets.

She soon found out. As they began driving the day’s showings, two of the kids threw up into their buckets. “The clients said they just had to have a house that day. I dropped them off at a new home community.”

Susan Hilton

Susan Hilton – Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal

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