Raising Chickens In The Brazos Valley

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June 9, 2011
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June 15, 2011

Raising Chickens In The Brazos Valley

Have you ever thought of raising chickens in Bryan or College Station?

It could be a good investment for parts of Texas. Keeping chickens in your backyard may seem like a lot of work for a few eggs but that is actually not very true! Buying chickens and using their eggs has benefits. A good type of chicken to get is red sex-links, which  are a crossbred hybrid known for being hardy, heat tolerant and consistent egg-layers. You can expect about six eggs a week from these chickens which may not sound like many but if you have 4 chickens that gives you 24 eggs a week! It has also been said after doing studies that backyard eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat than commercially raised counterparts. Backyard eggs are also richer in vitamins A, D and E, Omega-3 fatty acids and beta-carotene. It would also be nice to know exactly what is going into the chickens diet from which you are eating their eggs. Depending on how many chickens you buy and how many eggs you eat a week you may have more eggs than you need. To earn a little bit of money on the side it would be smart to sell your extra eggs by the dozen at a local farmer’s market or to your friends/neighbors.

Many people especially in cities do not think to raise their own chickens so of course their are always many questions that come with a topic like this.

Some common questions are:

  • Do I need a rooster or just hens? The answer depends on what you are wanting out of the situation. If you just want eggs then a rooster is not necessary. If you are interested in starting to breed the chickens or raising them for meat then you would want to have a rooster as well. A rooster does help protect the chickens so if you plan to let the flock roam freely around your yard or land, a rooster would be an important asset.
  • Do I need to wash the eggs before I eat them? Egg shells contain microscopic pores, which have a natural protective layer over the shell. If you wash the eggs the protective layer is washed away which as a result decreases their storage time. If you choose to wash the eggs use water that is 20 degrees warmer than the egg as recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • How long do eggs last? Fresh eggs keep at least up to six weeks in the refrigerator.

BUT…. before you start buying chickens be sure to check your deed restrictions. Will you Bryan or College Station neighborhood allow chickens? If they will allow chickens, how many?  I know lots of people who have chickens but they do NOT live in the city!!!

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