Products to Green your College Station Home

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June 1, 2010
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June 2, 2010

Products to Green your College Station Home

As I’ve stressed in previous posts, College Station is going green, and this is a highly important movement for our community.  What are some ways that the College Station homeowner can do more to lower their energy usage and keep their environment green? 

  • Vinyl Windows and Low E2 Glass: Windows with Vinyl framed Low E2 reject much more of that hot Texas sun.
  • Radiant Barrier Decking: Radiant barriers reject solar radiation, making attics cooler.  (A hot attic means less efficient HVAC system.)
  • R-Value Ceiling Installation: Higher the number = less outside heat coming into your home.
  • R-Value Wall System: Higher the number = less outside heat coming into your home.
  • Air conditioning filters: Higher number indicates more efficient filtering of the air.
  • Mold Resistant Shower and Tub Walls: Cement Hardibacker and Anti Fracture Coatings are being used for this.
  • Fresh Air Systems: Allows fresh air to filtrate your home for a healthier environment.
  • Draft Elimination: The amount of air that leaks through your walls, doors, and ceilings should be reduced as much as possible.
  • Formaldehyde Free Insulation: Difficult to find, but much healthier.


These are just a few of the ways you can make your College Station home and community more Green. Spread the word to your neighbors!

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