Pro-Max Foundation Repair in Bryan College Station

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Pro-Max Foundation Repair in Bryan College Station

The founder of Brazos Valley Solutions LLC, Walter (Walt) Childers is highly bvseducated in the construction industry and currently holds a license as a Professional Inspector by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Walt has inspected over 9,500 foundations and has 35 years general construction experience and knowledge. The following is a list of his various credits:


  • University of Texas Arlington (UTA)
  • American Home Inspectors Training Institute, Ltd
  • Texas A&M University-Commerce
  • North Texas State University
  • Total Education Credit hours of over 700


  • UTA Construction Research Advisory Executive Committee, Chairman 2004
  • UTA Construction Research Center, Research Committee, Chairman 2002-Present
  • UTA Construction Research Center, Continuing Education Committee, Board Member 2004-Present
  • UTA Construction Research Center, Topic Selection Committee, Board Member 2004-Present
  • Building Professionals Institute, UTA, 2003-2004, Instructor of Remedial Foundation Repair & Design presented by Building Officials Association of Texas & the Construction Research Center UTA.
  • National Science Foundation, UTA, 2002-Present, Project Chairman, Tracking remedial foundation methods used in the 26 states which have expansive clay soils.

Upon many years of researching methods used in foundation repair, repairing failed foundations, and examining failed systems, Walt designed and developed the state-of-the-art system exclusively used by Brazos Valley Solutions LLC, Pro-Max.

The Pro-Max piling system is a highly superior method of repairing reinforced concrete slab on grade or reinforced concrete beam foundations placed upon expansive clay soils (typically found in the Bryan/College Station area), utilizing a lead pilot piling designed to insert deeper than the typical concrete piling. When the pilot is driven it displaces the lateral pressurized soils due to pressurization of compacting soils during the driving process. This release enables deeper penetration (approximately 2 ft.) of the piling column & plausible permanent lock. The final result is a piling system which by design will reach a load bearing strata (soil capable of supporting 9K, PSI) that typically is not affected by seasonal weather conditions or transpiration caused by trees.

Foundation inspections and repair is a construction science of its own, know your “Facts”.

No system is 100% effective in the clay soils of Brazos Valley.

Pro-Max piling system failure rate for the first 8 years is 1.92% and 20 years is 8.37%.

Typical Concrete Press Pilings failure rate the first 8 years is 4.83% and 20 years is 15.67%.

Bell Bottom Piers failure rate during the first 8 years is 5% and 20 years is 18.73%.

Walter (Walt) Childers
Brazos Valley Solutions, LLC
429 Shady Creek Dr.
Bryan, Texas 77808

Pro-Max is a Trademarked Name

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