Preparing Your College Station Home to Sell

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July 10, 2008
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Preparing Your College Station Home to Sell

j02819902.JPGWhen it is time to get your Bryan College Station home ready to sell, everyone knows that cleaning, repairing and removing clutter will maximize your homes appearance. However, before you get carried away with home repairs and changes, there are several things you need to think about.

  • Are there repairs that must be completed before the home will sell?
  • Will making repairs or changes effect the sales price of my home?
  • Will I get back the money at closing that I am putting into the home to make this repair or change?

I have found that many times Sellers think they must make repairs to their property that in fact will NOT increase the value of their property or shorten the days on market that the home is listed for sale. It is also often the case that the Seller would save time, inconvenience, and money by simply offering an allowance for the repair or update. More often than not, the new Buyer would rather make the repair or update themselves and get exactly what they want. This is why it is important to visit with a Listing Agent before making any costly repairs or changes to your property. A good Realtor will know what needs to be done and what doesn’t. They will also have seen your competition.

Below I have listed basic check-list of items to consider when preparing your home to sell. Completing this list is a good start to getting the home ready to be placed on the market.

  • Empty all trash cans in the house.
  • Clean off Counter tops in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Dust all ceiling fans, return air vents blinds, and base boards.
  • Use an acid based cleaner to remove stains from the driveway or garage floor.
  • Test all gates, fences and latches and repair or replace any weakened areas.
  • Remove any damaged window screens.
  • Prune bushes and trees, remove any tree limbs that are touching the roof, and get rid of any dead shrubs, flowers or trees.
  • Clean out the gutters.
  • Move all garbage cans, extra building materials and gardening supplies that are in the yard into a garage or storage shed.
  • Make sure the Yard and Flowerbeds have been weeded. Add fresh mulch to the flowerbeds and plant colorful mature flowers in the front of the home if you have room.
  • Clean the porch, deck and patio of all small items and sweep all areas and walkways.
  • Clean the fireplace and hearth.
  • Check all light fixtures and replace all burned out light bulbs.
  • Place all money, jewelry and other valuables (including guns) in a secure and out of sight location.

Remember, when a good Realtor views your home, they will look at the property from the “Eyes of the Buyer” and will advise you on the things that need to be done, without allowing things to be overdone! Call or email me if you have any questions. 979-218-2235

Thanks and Happy Selling!

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