Planning for Flexibility: Make the Most of your Home

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August 6, 2008

Planning for Flexibility: Make the Most of your Home

Attractive and functional Family Rooms accomodate media in an unobstrusive manner if you have planned well. Plan and anticipate the location of entertainment equipment and computers when building, remodeling or moving to minimize visible wiring and provide sufficient circuits and outlets.

If space is an issue, maximize it by using built-ins and finding furniture such as a coffee table with drawers below, an end table with drawers, an ottoman that opens up, or a trunk or chest.

To make a modest space feel larger, some design features that help are raised ceilings, exposed beams, large windows, or opening into other rooms.

A spacious room increases seating and storage options, lets family members pursue separate activities simultaneously and makes large scale entertaining a possibliity.

Family Rooms are places to retreat, but to keep it from feeling as if you are banished, try to include open passages or windows that maintain ties to other rooms or outdoors.

Natural light should be welcomed into the Family Room by day and enough artificial light at nighis needed to support a range of activities. Try to maximize windows. Place light fixtures and lamps where they will be needed most. Add recessed fixtures, wall sconces, and undercabinet lighting to brighten as needed. Access to the outdoors makes the Family Room seem lighter and brighter.

Plan furniture groupings to encourage comfort and conversation. This can be done by having two or more seating areas in the room to increase the room’s versatility.

Space planning allows for versatility and for your enjoyment of your home.

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  1. We can all use all the help we can find in setting the stage for maximizing our homes.