Pebble Creek Deed Restrictions Every Home Owner Should Know

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July 24, 2008
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Pebble Creek Deed Restrictions Every Home Owner Should Know

Pebble Creek College Station logo flag30 Deed Restrictions Every Home Owner Should Know

This list is compiled from several documents that govern the Pebble Creek Owner’s Association (PCOA). It is not intended to be a complete list and some restrictions pertain only to certain phases. It is intended to improve self-compliance by providing an easier to read document that will improve our understanding of the restrictions. Each homeowner should have a copy of the deed restrictions that apply to their phase. Please refer to that document for detailed information.
1. Property must be maintained; grass mowed, edged, and weeds under control.
2. No structure of any kind (flagpoles, play-sets, playhouses, basketball goals, trampolines, outbuildings, fences, etc.) may be built or erected without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee.
3. No motor vehicle, boat, trailer, etc. may be parked on the street or driveway more than 10 hours.
4. You must notify the Association if the unit is to be rented or leased and get approval from the Board of Directors.
5. Garbage and trash must be stored in an enclosed structure or in an area appropriately screened from view. Container may be placed at the curb after 6 pm the day preceding pick-up and must be returned to an enclosure or screened area no later than 12:01 pm the day following pick-up.
6. No swimming pools without approval of the Architectural Control Committee.
7. No temporary structures, (e.g. portable buildings).
8. No signs other than real estate signs without prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee – including political signs. No garage sale signs.
9. No overnight parking on any street.
10 No drying of clothes in public view.
11. Garage doors visible from street must be closed when garage is not being used.
12. No noxious or offensive activities.
13. No annoying sounds or odors.
14. No hazardous activities (e.g. firing guns).
15. No unsightliness.
16. No radio, TV antenna or satellite dishes unless approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
17. Garages must have the capacity for a minimum of two cars and a maximum of four
cars and must be available for parking of automobiles.
18. No lot may be used for business, educational, religious, or professional purposes
19. No commercial or manufacturing activities.
20. No carports.
21. No window or wall air-conditioning units.
22. No vehicle repair unless concealed in a garage.
23. No flammable liquids in excess of 5 gallons.
24. Passenger vehicles that are licensed, inspected, operating, and in daily use are exempt from the 10 hour restriction if parked in the driveway.
25. No vehicles may be parked in a yard.
26. No more than 4 animals as household pets.
27. Pets cannot leave lot unless leashed.
28. No solar collectors without approval of the Architectural Control Committee.
29. No activity shall be conducted which is not related to residential purposes
30. Boats and swimming prohibited in lakes.

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