New College Station High School

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August 1, 2012
August 6, 2012

New College Station High School

This fall, the new College Station High School opens its doors to freshmen and sophomores. The expected number of freshmen and sophomore students at the new high school is between 650 and 725. This will make it the size of an average 3A high school. A grade will be added to the school each year until August 2014 when it will incorporate all four high school grades. The first graduating class from the new school will be the students who start this year as sophomores, the graduating class of 2015.

The high school will offer junior and senior level courses for the freshmen and sophomore students who are interested and qualified to take upper level courses. Advanced students needing certain courses will have those courses offered to them. For example, if a freshman or sophomore needs to take Spanish 4 or 5, the course will be available. In order for elective courses to be offered, a minimum student enrollment must be met, as is the case at A&M Consolidated High School. College Station High School will also offer Pre AP, Honors and AP courses to its students.

In addition to making as many courses as possible available to its students, College Station High School has set a high standard for its staff. Arrangements have been made to ensure that the new high school teachers and staff are equally matched with those at A&M Consolidated High School. Because of the opening of the new high school, A&M Consolidated High School will have 600 fewer students this coming year, so many teachers have transferred from A&M Consolidated High School. College Station ISD has a reputation for hiring quality teachers to give students the best possible education. The central administration and principals from both of the high schools will be responsible for determining how to distribute staff to create an equally matched staff at both locations.

Areas of the city have been zoned by College Station ISD to determine which high school students will attend. To confirm which school an area is zoned to, you may call Brazos County Appraisal Office at (979) 774-4100 or check online at Students who are zoned to attend the new high school and who have older siblings who will be juniors or seniors at A&M Consolidated High School, are allowed the option of attending A&M Consolidated High School. This allows parents to send both of their children to the same school. If a student transfers under this rule to A&M Consolidated High School, he or she will be allowed to graduate from A&M Consolidated High School. This rule is only in effect for the 2012-2013 school year.

Traffic in the area will be more congested because of the opening of the new school. To account for this, construction on the surrounding roads is underway and scheduled to be completed this summer. The city is expanding Barron Road, the main road near the new high school, to a four lane road with a median. This road will run from Highway 6 to Highway 40. Also, Victoria Avenue will extend out to Highway 40. Stoplights will be installed at the intersection of Highway 40 and Victoria and Highway 40 and Barron Road in order to facilitate the flow of traffic more easily.

Extracurricular activities and sports have been the source of a lot of buzz around town about the new high school. Will sports be provided the first two years? How will students compete? Many questions have been addressed by the administration over the new high school.

One of the main driving factors behind the opening of the new high school was to provide a place for students to get more involved. There will be a band, orchestra, cheer team, drill team, student council and many other places for students to spend time. All extracurricular activities will be offered at the new high school with the exception of swimming.

Swimming will only be offered at A&M Consolidated High School. There is not enough availability of practice times for both high schools to have a swim team. If a student is zoned to the new high school but desires to participate in swimming, he or she must transfer to A&M Consolidated High School. If, for any reason, the student has to stop swimming or is removed from the swim team, he or she will have to return to their zoned school.

Both high schools will have a gymnastics program. However, there is not enough facility availability for both teams to practice separately. As a result, both schools will practice together, but will perform in competitions as separate teams.

For the first two years of operation, there will be no varsity football at the new high school. There will, though, be varsity athletics for all other sports. This was decided by the school district because it would be difficult to have varsity football with only freshmen and sophomore students. In addition, the new high school will not be able to be in a district or compete at a varsity level in football until the year 2014 because the 2012-2013 school year is the first year of the two-year UIL district realignment. The new high school football teams will play a variety of both sub-varsity and varsity teams for the first two years of its existence. For all of the other sports at College Station High School, teams will be aligned with a UIL district.

To find out more information about the new high school, log on to the website: To find out how YOU can own a home near the new College Station High School call ME!


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