Mortgage Problems in College Station or Bryan?

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August 28, 2008
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Mortgage Problems in College Station or Bryan?

Behind in your home mortgage payments in College Station or Bryan? Why do people wait to let a RealtorCollege Station Foreclosure help?

I find it difficult to understand why home owners who find themselves behind in the home mortgage payments wait and don’t contact a Realtor for help before they lose their homes to foreclosure. We see if over and over and I find it terribly sad.

If a home owner will contact a Realtor when they find they are getting behind on their mortgage payments a Realtor can help. There are options!

  • Traditional home sale
  • Short sale (if you owe more than you can sell the house for)
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure (give the house back to the bank)
  •  Work with you lender and the Hope Now Alliance

So, if you are behind in your payments CALL ME!  Let us help you save your credit!

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Susan Hilton

Susan Hilton – Realtor & Sales Trainer for Century 21 Beal

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