Madison County Promoting Using OLD Tires In the Yard?

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April 9, 2010
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April 13, 2010

Madison County Promoting Using OLD Tires In the Yard?

Madison County is promoting a GREAT environmental awareness campaign but it has a little flaw. We should NOT be promoting old tires as planters.

Yes – Dumping Old Tires is BAD!!!

Yes – We need to Stop It!

NO – We don’t need to start using the tires as landscaping!

I know there are ways you can use old tires and not just dump them and create an environmental hazard. I know there are ways you can recycle them. In fact Tire Crafting is a company that sells ideas and ways for you to use old tires BUT – the last thing we need is for Texans to take their old tires and put them in their yards as planters and yard art.

Old tires in the yard is a sure way to bring down a neighborhood’s value! Think about the areas that you know where you’ve seen tires or toilets used as planters. I bet they are not upscale areas or areas appreciating in value.

Susan Hilton

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