Luckiest Mom in all of College Station – Maybe the World.

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October 10, 2008
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October 21, 2008

Luckiest Mom in all of College Station – Maybe the World.

Tonight I was asked to drive my daughter and her friends for Homecoming. No, they didn’t have dates and Yes I said YES!!!

Rather than just drive…  I dressed in all black, got a top hat and treated them like stars. I opened the doors for them, took pictures like paparazzi, served them non alcoholic sparling grape juice in plastic flutes and let them laugh and laugh and laugh.

I was so honored my daughter wanted me to be with her and her friends. I even overheard one of the girls saying how her mom would never do something like this – and then they asked if I would drive again for Prom even if they had dates….

It was GREAT helping making a high school memory one they will remember together! THEY are special & should be treated that way.

… and, the beautiful girl in black second from the left is MINE!

Susan Hilton

College Station Real Estate – College Station Consolidated High School Homecoming 2008

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