Leading Cancer Center Moving to Bryan Campus

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June 1, 2010
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June 2, 2010

Leading Cancer Center Moving to Bryan Campus

The Texas A&M University System has announced a partnership with nationally renowned Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers.  This leading cancer center is moving to the Health Science Center Campus in Bryan to create a new research and treatment center in our community.  This partnership fulfills the vision of transforming the Research Valley into the BioResearch Valley.

The Research Center will be located among the existing TAMU System entities along the BioCorridor within the 200 acre campus currently under construction.

medical researchThe addition of this center to our community will not only bring research, better health care, and high-powered/ high-paying jobs to our area, but it will also aid in economic growth and spur real estate sales in West Bryan.  Particularly in the Traditions area, which is near the center’s determined location, it will help increase luxury home sales.  Higher end home sales typically have been slower in this area, but we can expect to see a change.  The convenience of being able to live near your workplace is highly appealing.  Additionally, we can expect to see housing conditions and development in general (increased housing and business) improve as a result of this move to Bryan/College Station.

Furthermore, this center makes it very likely that an increased number of Texas A&M students will want to stay in the area after graduation.  Whether to work for the center, to participate in research, or to attend medical school, it is a drawing force.  This means a large increased need for student housing – both for renting and purchasing.

The non-profit Mary Crowley Research Center is world-renowned for translating new therapies and beginning clinical trials in humans.  They have completed over 270 clinical studies and used over 300 investigational drugs in their mission to revolutionize personalized cancer care.  Their move to our Bryan College Station community is a welcome and highly anticipated one.

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