Jeff’s Weekly Top 10: Cool Home Upgrades

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November 3, 2010
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November 3, 2010

Jeff’s Weekly Top 10: Cool Home Upgrades

Top 10 Cool Home Upgrades

 If you aren’t really at a place where buying a new house is an option, just fix yours up! We have created our own List of Top Ten Home Upgrades that’ll have your house looking like the newest and coolest thing.

 1. Hidden TV’s

As all the ladies know, men are obsessed with the newest and biggest electronic out there. But there is no reason to fight their urge because now home owners are hiding these massive TV’s behind artwork, mirrors, and even hidden panels when they aren’t in use. Hidden Television carries an array of different televisions.

 2. Water Feature with Fire

Fire pits were all the rage a few years ago, but now they are out. Try upgrading your fit pits or waterfalls to an all-in-one package- a waterfall with fire shooting out of it. They are great for family barbeques or even roasting s’mores.

You can find a “Fire Fountain” by visiting Living Water Aeration.

 3. Glass Rooms on Patio

If you want to keep up with the times and survive the Texas heat, close in the outdoor kitchen on your patio. Instead of the usual outdoor kitchen, make it a glassed in air-conditioned haven in your backyard.  Floor to ceiling windows will make your outdoor room chic and modern. Why build a pool house when you can have a glassed in kitchen?

 4. Outdoor Shower

Remember the shower scene from the movie Sex and the City? Luxurious outdoor showers that feel more like a spa are in. This upgrade is a feature that will make your home feel more stylish and up to date. One plus—this upgrade could be a do-it-yourself project that once complete can be your own little oasis off the master bedroom!

 5. Control4: Master Control

Get a master controller to control your entire house from lighting to the air conditioner to the pool or sprinkler system outside. Control4 creates a screen wall mount that controls all these aspects in order to control the home’s energy consumption. Go green! Go modern!

6. Pop Up Hoods in the Kitchen

While some top end houses already have pop up hoods in their kitchens, everyone can update their kitchens by installing a new hood behind their burners.

7. Smart Appliances

Soon you will be able to upgrade all your appliances from your dishwasher to your washing machine and other home appliances that will all “talk” to each other and the home’s electricity grid. The appliances communicate in order to reduce energy use.

8.  Cooling Drawer

High tech renovations are always a plus when it comes to reselling your home, so why not add a cooling drawer to your kitchen? A kitchen is a place for entertaining and when the refrigerator is full a cooling drawer can come in handy. They have multiple settings to store different items from wine to fruit to sodas.

9. Microwave Drawer

Today many companies are making different appliances to be installed in drawers. It’s a sleeker, cleaner way to use appliances while keeping the counters clutter free. Check out to discover more modern updates for your kitchen.

 10.  High Tech Toilet

Get a talking toilet for your house! They are all the rage in Japan and some companies are bringing them to the U.S. market. There are several different kinds of high tech toilets.  For instance Toto makes a toilet that flushes itself and shuts the lid all with a wall mounted control panel. Talk about high tech.

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