It is Time to Sell your College Station Home: Do You Redecorate?

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July 16, 2008
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July 16, 2008

It is Time to Sell your College Station Home: Do You Redecorate?

pinkroom.jpgThis is an actual photo that a Realtor placed on the MLS to advertise their listing for sale. Personally, have a hard time seeing where the bed ends and the wall begins. I like things to match in a room, this however, is a bit much. But you know what? That is just one of the Wonderful things about Real Estate in College Station! There is never a dull moment!

Working as a Bryan-College Station Realtor brings new experiences every day; we get to see all sorts of different taste preferences and decorating ideas! When you walk into someone’s home you are getting a glimpse of their personality and who they are. After all, your house is where you “Make yourself at home!”

I once listed a newer home in South College Station that had the most unusual kitchen decor I had ever seen. The kitchen had black and white tiled floors, lime green walls, green counter-tops, and a black and white tiled back-splash with red accent tiles placed randomly throughout. The Kitchen Cabinets were white with black accents and red knobs, and the living room could be seen from the kitchen and was painted bright red. It was the first time I ever walked into a home and thought a bit of serious redecorating may be in order.

I was wrong. Not A week went by before I got a call that said “When I saw the photos online, I knew this was my house!” As Realtors and Home Sellers what does this tell us? I think that sometimes Realtors go overboard when they list a home and try to change it an make it acceptable to everyone. Removing things about a property that make it unique can also result in the property not standing out to the people it should. We need to remember that our sellers are, in away, our target buyer. After all they were the Buyers who picked the home they are now trying to sell.

I listed a home in Bryan where every wall was blue on the inside. Showing after showing said to repaint it. The home sold 2 weeks after it was completely repainted. I am not saying It is never a good idea to change the inside of a property, but what I am saying is that there is no reason to walk into a home and immediately jump to conclusions about changes that need to be made.

Happy Selling!

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