Is it Time for an Upgrade?

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May 7, 2010
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May 10, 2010

Is it Time for an Upgrade?

energy starYou’ve had the appliances in your kitchen forever.  For the most part, they are in pretty good shape and serve their purpose.  Why worry about budgeting for an upgrade?

Homeowners often forget the impact inefficient appliance have on their power bills.  For instance, replacing a refrigerator made before 1993 with a new, Energy Star-rated model could reduce your yearly electricity costs by $65-$100.  And with the hot, Brazos Valley summer quickly approaching, what better time to take a look at your air conditioning unit?  Additionally, rebates are currently being offered by the federal stimulus bill to provide further incentive for replacing old appliances with energy-efficient alternatives.

So how much energy is too much?  To estimate the energy use of an appliance, use this formula:

Wattage x hours used per day x days used per year / 1,000 = kilowatt-hours used annually

(You can usually find the wattage stamped on the bottom, back, or nameplate of your appliance.)

Once this has been calculated, compare it to what it would cost to use more efficient models.  The annual energy savings very well could be worth an up-front investment.


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