How to Present Your College Station Home in its Best Light

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July 12, 2010
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How to Present Your College Station Home in its Best Light

Many of the College Station residents I’ve spoken with recently are faced with the decision to sell their home; for some, this can be a worrisome issue.  But this process does not have to be as stressful as it seems!  A recurring question is, “How will my home do on the market?”  As I’ve mentioned recently, it is a buyer’s market, so it is imperative for a seller to present the best product possible if they want to get a good deal on their home.   As I tell my clients, if you want peace of mind – I cannot stress enough the necessity of showing a clean, well-maintained home.  Though I’ve recently discussed staging a home, the need for further advice and details on home maintenance and presentation is critical.  Whether you are in the position of needing to sell now, eventually, or even if you are set in your home for life, a well-maintained home is an essential point of pride.

Homeowners generally are aware of the essential maintenance points to address on the interior and exterior of a home.  But some items are relatively unknown to the average homeowner I’ve spoken with.  I’ve compiled a list of the less obvious, but equally crucial tasks to address, and how often to take care of them.photo01

  • Chance your furnace filters monthly.  Clogged filters decrease efficiency and can cause breakdowns.
  • Drain your water heater at least once a year.  Sediment will drain out along with the water, prolonging the heater’s useful life.
  • Check under sinks for dripping leaks or water stains.  Catching a small problem early can save you from major damage in the future.
  • Exterior paint should be refreshed every 5-10 years, depending upon the quality used.
  • A roof should be repaired/replaced every 13-15 years.
  • Wood decking staining should be refreshed approximately 4-7 years.

Luxurious-Interior-Design-Mansion-3In addition to presenting a well-maintained home, you also want to present a clean and perfectly staged home that will be a most welcoming sight to the potential home buyer.  The elements of good design and staging include four fundamentals: balance, harmony, emphasis, and functionality.

Balance means using furniture and other objects to make each side of a room exactly match the other.  The balancing of a room makes it more appealing to buyers on the whole.  An easy way to create harmony is through repetition in color, texture, or shape.  For example, a blue sofa may replicate itself in the shade of blue in the draperies.  But be careful that you don’t go overboard!  Next is emphasis.   Every room needs a focal point; yours could be a fireplace, a framed powerful picture, or a piano.  A focal point is a great way to make a room more interesting.  Finally, a good room needs functionality.  Everything in a given room should support the functionality of that room.  If you are trying to show off a great office, display solid furniture, a clean workspace, and soothing art.

Some additional tips:

  • Fresh paint always gives the ‘new home’ look.  It is one of the best, most cost-effective ways to change the look and feel of a room.
  • Remove at least one-third of all books and accesories from bookcases and built-in cabinets so they look more spacious.
  • Remove 25% of clothing from rods in the closet to give it a more spacious look.
  • Accessorize and decorate using the “cantaloupe rule”: remove all items around the home that are smaller than a cantaloupe.
  • Place animals in kennels or arrange for offsite petcare during any showing times.  Also, put away any water and food bowls.

For more tips on home maintenance and home staging, keep checking back for my daily updates.  If you are interested in a consultation to discuss selling your home or staging your home, please feel free to call me anytime!

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