How Do I Sell My House FAST? Step 2

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February 23, 2010
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How Do I Sell My House FAST? Step 2

This simple guide can help you stay on top of College Station home sales. Today, we will cover step two. Though often overlooked, this can be one of the most important steps to follow to ensure your house sells in a timely manner. It is simple and effective: CLEAN. It sounds simple enough, but you would be surprised how often houses listed for sale are unkept.

    First of all, the house should be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom at least once when the house is listed. Does this mean that your house must be kept in immaculate condition at all times? Absolutely not. It should, however, be kept tidy enough that you can have it looking fantastic in less than an hour. This is because you could be called at any time by a Realtor who wants to show your property to a potential buyer, and putting them off may mean that they find another house before even having a chance to look at yours. The results are equally as detrimental if you allow them to show an unkept house. A dirty house can reduce offer values, and even prevent offers altogether. Nobody wants to invest in a house that has been poorly maintained. It is equally important to have your house clean for the listing pictures. These pictures are your first impression for potential buyers, and you want it to be a good one.

    The question often follows: “What are the most important areas to clean?” Typical problem areas are bathrooms and kitchens. Many people overlook sinks, stoves, oven, bath tubs, toilets, and refrigerators. These should all be cleaned meticulously at least once when the home is listed. Failure to do this can leave the buyer with the feeling that the house is poorly maintained. Nobody wants to buy a house with a tub full of soap scum!

    Cleaning costs nothing and increases the marketability of your house greatly. If you want to stay on top of College Station home sales, cleaning your house is a must!

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