Green Real Estate Trends in Bryan College Station

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May 25, 2010
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May 27, 2010

Green Real Estate Trends in Bryan College Station

What started out as a trend in the Brazos Valley is now becoming a way of life for many of our citizens and businesses.  Green, as we define it, is the immediate and residual impact of our products and practices.  If we are causing harm at either of these two levels, whatever we are doing is not a Green practice.  This Green influence has resulted in many changes in our community, from more thorough recycling practices, to eating local and organic, to planting trees.  Additionally, we in the real estate world are taking note and wanting to do our part.

Which brings us to the concept of green building.  This has evolved from a fringe movement to a mainstream force that is impacting every aspect of commercial and residential building and development.  Buildings in the United States account for 72% of electricity consumption, 9% of energy use, 38% of all carbon dioxide emissions, 40% of raw materials use, and 30% of waste output.  With numbers as high as these, it has become evident to members of the Brazos Valley communities that more needs to be done to ensure green practices in building. green-buildings

One thing being done is a third-party certification program for high performance buildings called LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  This has been developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, comprised of architects, engineers, developers, builders, and Realtors – to name a few.  Certification of buildings is achieved through a point-based system that addresses six key areas:

  1. Sustainable sites
  2. Water efficiency
  3. Energy and atmosphere
  4. Materials and resources
  5. Indoor environment quality
  6. Innovation and design process

In an effort to make Bryan College Station more green, we as citizens need to take notice and action.  We are already on the right track, let’s make the push for more green buildings and practices in our cities.

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