Granite Counter Tops Worth it in College Station?

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February 17, 2010
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February 22, 2010

Granite Counter Tops Worth it in College Station?

Have you ever wondered if your College Station home would look better with granite counter tops? Do you know how they would wear? How much would it cost?College Station Granite Kitchen

Of all the surfaces inside of the house, counter tops usually have to endure all the wear and tear. Anything you don’t want laying around on the floor usually ends up on counter tops, and accidents like to happen when given enough time. Even worse, scratches and gouges can be eye magnets, but even so, remodeling can be difficult to think about sometimes.

Home owners are sometimes daunted with the issue of remodeling: it can be painstaking to decide upon and it’s usually tough work. Beyond that, there is no formula to figuring out if the cost exceeds the benefit when part of the benefit is happiness

Research is very important, and there are a fair number of options with types of counter tops and manufacturers. After any amount of research, it’s clear that many consumer reports and magazines praise granite as a very cost-effective option for new counter tops.

Granite is dense and durable, most anything around the house is not strong enough to damage it. Granite is not a rare material but it’s one of the hardest rocks available, just weaker than gems and diamonds. You could actually destroy a knife before ever scratching the counter with it, although a piece of glass would be just hard enough scratch it.

While granite is an extremely durable stone, it’s not too difficult to find– making it pretty affordable. Enough new, 3 cm thick, counter tops to cover 70 sq. feet of space would cost about $3,000-$3-500. A bathroom counter would be significantly cheaper, and this type of counter top improvement would raise the value of your home significantly. This is great for several reasons, but most importantly it would end up in you receiving most of your money back if you were ever to sell or lease the house.

Not only is it cost-effective, it’s easy to manage. Granite is not very porous at all. Most if not all liquids laying on the surface of the counter will stay there; that means you can’t easily stain the counter top. Anything that would dry up wouldn’t stain it; you’d have to spill something like oil and leave it there.

Granite counter tops are also very attractive; they can contrast with almost any type of wood counter top perfectly. They also sit very well next to painted counter tops can look amazing; for example a light pastel orange or yellow color for the cabinets or walls would look great in the kitchen if it caught a lot of sun in the summer.

Besides its upfront cost, there is no real down side to a granite counter top. A simple laminate counter top would be about half the cost, but the difference can be so apparent when there are kool-aid stains and knife gouge farms around the cutting board and when you are ready to sell. All things considered it would be well worth your time to consider an improvement in your College Station home!


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